Members Only Processing is a Subscription Based Credit Card Provider.


We offer our Members unlimited Credit Card Processing at cost for a flat monthly fee.

We believe that ALL business owners accepting credit cards should have access to the same rates and fees charged by the banks and card brands without any manipulation by any Merchant Service Provider.

We are doing two things that are completely new to payments.

Our Audit Process and Pricing Model.

When you send your statement to us for an audit, we see how much you are overpaying, compare it to whichever flat monthly tier your business fall's into and you keep the difference.

When you send your statement to any of our competitors, they will see how much you are overpaying, quote you 10 - 15% less, keep the bulk of what you were already overpaying and try locking you into a three year contract.

All of our competitors are still using pricing models that allow them to mark up every transaction and their profits are based off your monthly volume.

By charging a flat monthly membership fee, we cap our profits and we are very transparent in our fees.


Most importantly … Our members never need a consultant, never have to spend time trying to negotiate a lower rate and get to keep 100% of the savings!

We are so confident in our business model that we provide our service on a month to month basis – No contracts.


Enroll to become a Member today and keep more of the money you are already making!

All rights are reserved with Members only.

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