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Created by Joe Kraljev, the Founder/CEO of Monify, Inc.( after seeing all the ways providers manipulate the pricing models that are currently available for anyone trying to accept credit cards.  He wanted to change the game.  

"Merchants are so focused on the rate,  and no one is paying any attention to all the other areas that make up the overall cost of accepting credit cards".  


To prove that the rate is meaningless,  the rate at Members Only Processing is 0%.  We make our money off the membership fee.  This membership fee caps our profits and eliminates all the games processors play. 

Also, 99% of the providers out there offer a free rate comparison.  This is complete BS.  They want to see your statement first, see how you're priced, and only beat it by a little so that they can still make the bulk of the money that you were already overpaying to accept credit cards. 

His goal is to eliminate the shady tactics most providers play and create a universal pricing model, one that is 100% transparent and does not need any negotiating or monitoring.  He thinks it is completely absurd that two bagel stores can be three blocks away from each other with, one paying 10% to accept cards and the other paying 3.5%. 

"Something is definitely wrong here.  You have publicly traded companies that are allowed to make up, hide, and inflate the fees they charge their own customers to make more money.  You have lawsuits filed in federal court that have been swept underneath the rug  ( ).  But most important of all, you have no accountability between the card associations and the credit card processors". - Joe Kraljev

Subscribe to a plan that works best for your business, gain access to the true rates that the banks charge each other to transfer funds, stop getting locked into long-term contracts, and start saving today.

No contracts/games/or rate reviews and nothing to negotiate / Our rate is 0%

Join the club!

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